About the Project


With more than 1.25 million video views, the Geospatial Revolution project is the go-to source for government, education, and workforce development to learn how geospatial technology is changing the world. The project is anchored in a world-class research university and trusted for its PBS editorial standards.

Produced by WPSU Penn State, the project shares how geospatial information influences nearly everything. Our mission is to increase public understanding; strengthen interest in math, science, and technology; and inspire the next generation.

Stylized image of a woman in a red and white striped phone looking through a mobile phone at city street data.

New Episodes

WPSU’s Emmy Award-winning team will be releasing new video episodes in 2021. The new episodes will emphasize the powerful convergence of geospatial technologies that will fundamentally change our lives.

Additional new episodes will build upon our legacy to serve as a trusted source of information.

Help Support Additional Episodes

“Geospatial Revolution is considered the ‘Bible’ of the GIS field. I can’t wait to see the next episode!” – Dr. Salvatore Amaduzzi University of Udine, Italy

The Original 2010 Geospatial Revolution Project:

WPSU is celebrating the 10th Anniversary (2010-2020) of the launch of the original Geospatial Revolution project. We want to acknowledge the people and organizations who contributed to the original project in 2010.

Faculty Liaison and Content Advisors

  • Todd Bacastow
  • David Cowen
  • David DiBiase
  • Anthony Robinson
  • Karen Schuckman
  • Adena Schutzberg
  • Daniel Sui


In-kind Support or Translation Services

  • Eman I. Ahmed
  • Max Silin
  • Nicoletta Ventresca
  • Oksana Lushchevska
  • Tarek Hassan